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What happened in January

Big school budget cut.. or maybe not
Ry's public school, which we love btw, was told it had to cut an 1/8 pf its budget for the next year which led to lots of emails and Facebook comments looking to rally parents around fighting the cuts. They were telling us stuff like the cuts would necessitate laying off all para professionals and literacy support.

The paras are totally critical in a school like Ry's were there is a really big range of needs within a classroom. Not to mention, Ry's para is a mom to four kids and her husband DIED two weeks before Christmas making her the primary breadwinner. I was really, really angry about this even being on the table.

I have no idea if it really was or not but it didn't least not yet. Some staff was cut, but no paras and no one "in the classroom." Hopefully that means we still have our art and music teachers. No one has yet told us specifically what was cut, though I understand supplies took a big hit too. At least that is something parents can rally around and help with more.

The whole experience was so maddening. We were looking at trimming over $300k and no one from the city was weighing in. I hear this sort of thing happens nearly every year and I just don't get it. There must be a way to fund schools that avoids a panicked scramble every year. It just seems incredibly cruel to staff, students and parents alike.

New produce hopefully
I've been helping a new neighbor get a drop for this farm CSA and I think it's a go. I'm looking forward to it - I've gotten so sick of broccoli / green beans / asparagus...which I'm sure I'll still buy because it's what the kids really like. But it will be good to mix things up, and convenient. I shop at BJs a lot for everything but produce.

Other stuff on my mind
  • The new home birth study: No home birth for breech, it says. Five of the lost babies were breech. Not sure of any other details but it's been something I've pondered. Breech home births have better success in countries with integrated care. I suspect the problem is that here there's no one criteria for risking a mom out of a home birth, the data included a lot of Amish who would have had the baby at home regardless, there's no way of telling if 'breech' was the only contributor to the babies' lost.

  • That "vaccine-preventable diseases" map: I am not anti vaccine at all. My kids are fully vaccinated (mostly on schedule). But it enrages me when I see complete bullshit perpetuated around 'vaccine avoiders' and 'outbreaks.' Especially when it's coming from the medical community under the guise of "good science." Especially when the myth being perpetuated is, in fact, more likely to put people at risk of contracting pertussis given everyone tends to assume if they got their shots, they're off the hook.

    FYI: The link takes you a mommy blog post that effectively describes why that map pissed me off. Not a great source but she links to all good sources.

    1 ) Bring lunch to work every day. Eat breakfast at home.
    Room for improvement: Lunch is happening, as is coffee at home.. Breakfast is hit or miss. I just never want to eat in the morning. I try and remember to throw at least a piece of bread in with my lunch so I can make toast but frequently forget then buy something when I realize I’m starving at 10 a.m. (Like now!)

    2) Put $50 from every pay check in savings. (It's not much but I need to start somewhere while I pay off the credit card debt I wracked up.)
    FAIL. This is seriously not happening. Things are super tight right now. I am about to do my taxes and will hopefully get a decent return I can use to get back on track.

    3) Sign up for the gym at work. Bring workout clothes in. Commit to going for 30 minutes each work day to stretch, run and do abs/push ups.
    Slow start, but getting there. I’m signed up, have gym clothes in the office and have worked out twice so far.

    4) Sign up for and complete Restore the Core.
    Not started.

    5) Use up yoga classes I payed for at Yoga Now!
    Also not started….

    6) Check out new yoga studio in Rosi with Robbie.
    Also not started!! (But, Robbie and I went on a date Saturday night. That was good.)

    7) Write monthly updates here.

    8) Use Tumblr, not Facebook, to explore topics that interest me. Post there weekly.
    I tried this and failed. I think I first need to make sure I understand how Tumblr actually works.

    9) Clean the kitchen every night (as opposed to in the morning).
    Room for improvement. I’m mostly doing this but have lazed out at least once.

    10) Put my clothes away after I take them off and as soon as their washed.
    Check! I totally unfucked my habitat this weekend and it felt awesome. Really should have take before and after photos. But the boys room is totally clean, I rearranged their beds so they have more floor space and it just looks nicer in there. And my and Robbie’s room is totally immaculate. No laundry baskets, not clothes not put away (actually that’s a lie, there’s one from yesterday I still need to put away.

    The next step in our “office.” This room makes me crazy. It’s often the ‘place to stash crap’ room.
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    Glad to see updates from you! I am still on wordpress.

    How are you liking your newer job?