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New Years Revolution

I had wanted to come up with a really simple New Year's resolution to make this year. Robbie does this every year and is so good at sticking with them and they make such a big impact on his life when he does. For example, last year he resolved to play guitar every day and now a year later, his guitar playing has gotten really strong and it seems to have renewed the passion he used to feel for music.

Problem is, I'm not Robbie. I don't really have any particular hobbies to cultivate other than writing.

I've had the major blahs lately and they stem from several areas of my life I'm not particularly happy with and want to change. 1) We've been too financially strapped lately. I need to pay off debt then spend less / save more. 2) My health: I gained, I'm guessing, ten pounds since I stopped breastfeeding and do not exercise at all. I also (probably) drink too much. 3) My social life. I want to date my husband more and make new friends that we can enjoy together (as well as separately.) I'm still feeling the loss of our friends Andy/Jes moving away. 4) My career: I've been feeling burnt out and unmotivated lately. 5) My house: This is probably the biggest thing. I REALLY want to fix up my house to the point where I don't feel overly embarrassed about inviting people over.

When I think through that above block of grievances it feels completely overwhelming trying to tackle it so I decided to make myself a to do list that helps me work towards tackling that stuff. It was also inspired by reading this column about why creating systems is more effective than goals.

My 2014 To Do List
1 ) Bring lunch to work every day. Eat breakfast at home.
2) Put $50 from every pay check in savings. (It's not much but I need to start somewhere while I pay off the credit card debt I wracked up.)
3) Sign up for the gym at work. Bring workout clothes in. Commit to going for 30 minutes each work day to stretch, run and do abs/push ups.
4) Sign up for and complete Restore the Core.
5) Use up yoga classes I payed for at Yoga Now!
6) Check out new yoga studio in Rosi with Robbie.
7) Write monthly updates here.
8) Use Tumblr, not Facebook, to explore topics that interest me. Post there weekly.
9) Clean the kitchen every night (as opposed to in the morning).
10) Put my clothes away after I take them off and as soon as their washed.

So far I'd say I have some work still ahead of me towards making changes!
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