tooby3 (tooby3) wrote,

It's hard to type on this thing...

I was already prone to typos in my lj posts but trying to write on my iPad takes the bad to a whole new level.

So a list of what is going on in no particular order.
1. I quit the job.
2. My old boss is being investigated by hr.
3. Cal turned 2!
4. I started a new job Monday.
5. I spent my week off glued to CNN on lockdown due to the bombings.
6. We won the Boston public school lottery. Ry starts pre k next year at our first choice school. (This is so unbelievable. There were well over a 100 kids vying for fewer than 20 spots.)

Ok that is the big stuff...someday soon I will write more. My new job is still very busy but more flexible.

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