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Thursday, February 27th, 2014
8:07 pm
ACOG finally catching up
I'll high five them, even though the length of time it took to arrive to this point is deplorable. But in case you missed it, take note of ACOG's new guidelines. They've finally acknowledged what the natural birth and midwifery communities have been saying (to EXTREME criticism I'll add) for years.

To share a few:
Slow Labors Are Normal, Don't admit til 6 cms: Slow but progressive labor in the first stage should not be an indication for cesarean. With a few exceptions, neither should prolonged latent phase (greater than 20 hours in a first time mother and greater than 14 hours in multiparous women) should not be an indication for cesarean.
Relearn how to use forceps: Instrument delivery can reduce the need for cesarean. The authors note concern that many obstetric residents do not feel competent to do a forceps delivery.
Stop Freaking about the Fetal Monitoring: Recurrent variable decelerations appear to be physiologic response to repetitive compressions of the umbilical cord and don't mean dead baby is imminent. There is an in depth discussion of fetal heart rate patterns and interventions other than cesarean to deal with this clinically.
No Inductions before 41 0/7 weeks unless there are maternal or fetal indications. Induction of labor can increase the risk of cesarean.
No more "Big Baby" Card from U/S, in fact late term U/S is Useless: Ultrasound done late in pregnancy is associated with an increase in cesareans with no evidence of neonatal benefit. Macrosomia is not an indication for cesarean.
Doulas Matter: Continuous labor support, including support provided by doulas, is one of the most effective ways to decrease the cesarean rate. The authors note that this resource is probably underutilized.

Lots of Data Here
News Story Here
Monday, February 3rd, 2014
10:24 am
What happened in January
Big school budget cut.. or maybe not
Ry's public school, which we love btw, was told it had to cut an 1/8 pf its budget for the next year which led to lots of emails and Facebook comments looking to rally parents around fighting the cuts. They were telling us stuff like the cuts would necessitate laying off all para professionals and literacy support.

The paras are totally critical in a school like Ry's were there is a really big range of needs within a classroom. Not to mention, Ry's para is a mom to four kids and her husband DIED two weeks before Christmas making her the primary breadwinner. I was really, really angry about this even being on the table.

I have no idea if it really was or not but it didn't happen...at least not yet. Some staff was cut, but no paras and no one "in the classroom." Hopefully that means we still have our art and music teachers. No one has yet told us specifically what was cut, though I understand supplies took a big hit too. At least that is something parents can rally around and help with more.

The whole experience was so maddening. We were looking at trimming over $300k and no one from the city was weighing in. I hear this sort of thing happens nearly every year and I just don't get it. There must be a way to fund schools that avoids a panicked scramble every year. It just seems incredibly cruel to staff, students and parents alike.

New produce hopefully
I've been helping a new neighbor get a drop for this farm CSA and I think it's a go. I'm looking forward to it - I've gotten so sick of broccoli / green beans / asparagus...which I'm sure I'll still buy because it's what the kids really like. But it will be good to mix things up, and convenient. I shop at BJs a lot for everything but produce.

Other stuff on my mind
  • The new home birth study: No home birth for breech, it says. Five of the lost babies were breech. Not sure of any other details but it's been something I've pondered. Breech home births have better success in countries with integrated care. I suspect the problem is that here there's no one criteria for risking a mom out of a home birth, the data included a lot of Amish who would have had the baby at home regardless, there's no way of telling if 'breech' was the only contributor to the babies' lost.

  • That "vaccine-preventable diseases" map: I am not anti vaccine at all. My kids are fully vaccinated (mostly on schedule). But it enrages me when I see complete bullshit perpetuated around 'vaccine avoiders' and 'outbreaks.' Especially when it's coming from the medical community under the guise of "good science." Especially when the myth being perpetuated is, in fact, more likely to put people at risk of contracting pertussis given everyone tends to assume if they got their shots, they're off the hook.

    FYI: The link takes you a mommy blog post that effectively describes why that map pissed me off. Not a great source but she links to all good sources.

    How I’m doing on my 2014 To Do ListCollapse )
  • Friday, January 10th, 2014
    11:04 am
    New Years Revolution
    I had wanted to come up with a really simple New Year's resolution to make this year. Robbie does this every year and is so good at sticking with them and they make such a big impact on his life when he does. For example, last year he resolved to play guitar every day and now a year later, his guitar playing has gotten really strong and it seems to have renewed the passion he used to feel for music.

    Problem is, I'm not Robbie. I don't really have any particular hobbies to cultivate other than writing.

    I've had the major blahs lately and they stem from several areas of my life I'm not particularly happy with and want to change. 1) We've been too financially strapped lately. I need to pay off debt then spend less / save more. 2) My health: I gained, I'm guessing, ten pounds since I stopped breastfeeding and do not exercise at all. I also (probably) drink too much. 3) My social life. I want to date my husband more and make new friends that we can enjoy together (as well as separately.) I'm still feeling the loss of our friends Andy/Jes moving away. 4) My career: I've been feeling burnt out and unmotivated lately. 5) My house: This is probably the biggest thing. I REALLY want to fix up my house to the point where I don't feel overly embarrassed about inviting people over.

    When I think through that above block of grievances it feels completely overwhelming trying to tackle it so I decided to make myself a to do list that helps me work towards tackling that stuff. It was also inspired by reading this column about why creating systems is more effective than goals.

    My 2014 To Do List
    1 ) Bring lunch to work every day. Eat breakfast at home.
    2) Put $50 from every pay check in savings. (It's not much but I need to start somewhere while I pay off the credit card debt I wracked up.)
    3) Sign up for the gym at work. Bring workout clothes in. Commit to going for 30 minutes each work day to stretch, run and do abs/push ups.
    4) Sign up for and complete Restore the Core.
    5) Use up yoga classes I payed for at Yoga Now!
    6) Check out new yoga studio in Rosi with Robbie.
    7) Write monthly updates here.
    8) Use Tumblr, not Facebook, to explore topics that interest me. Post there weekly.
    9) Clean the kitchen every night (as opposed to in the morning).
    10) Put my clothes away after I take them off and as soon as their washed.

    So far I'd say I have some work still ahead of me towards making changes!
    Thursday, April 25th, 2013
    8:05 pm
    It's hard to type on this thing...

    I was already prone to typos in my lj posts but trying to write on my iPad takes the bad to a whole new level.

    So a list of what is going on in no particular order.
    1. I quit the job.
    2. My old boss is being investigated by hr.
    3. Cal turned 2!
    4. I started a new job Monday.
    5. I spent my week off glued to CNN on lockdown due to the bombings.
    6. We won the Boston public school lottery. Ry starts pre k next year at our first choice school. (This is so unbelievable. There were well over a 100 kids vying for fewer than 20 spots.)

    Ok that is the big stuff...someday soon I will write more. My new job is still very busy but more flexible.

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    Thursday, May 31st, 2012
    11:09 pm
    Failed sleep experiment
    A things worked out tonight, we got dinner together and eaten really early. So by the time I had both boys bathed, dressed and we all took a walk around the neighborhood, it was still only 7:30. Cal seemed pretty tired and napped poorly today (did two one hour naps, never did a good long one) so I decided I'd try and get him to bed earlier.


    I seriously spent more than an hour trying to get him to fall asleep. When did he finally fall asleep? 9 p.m. The same exact time he's fallen asleep for as long as I can remember.

    And he was clearly tired. Showing all the "Sleepy Cues"™

    None of this matters really I just take it as validation for my belief that this concept of 7:30 being the perfect bedtime for all babies is absurd. It's definitely a good bedtime for some: many even. My cousin's son Henry for example would literally expire at 7-7:30 every night. Like falling asleep in the highchair tired. But definitely not either of my kids.

    Can you tell I'm a sleep training skeptic?
    Monday, May 14th, 2012
    1:14 pm
    Sunday, November 7th, 2010
    6:49 pm
    Ry is 2!!
    I've had four hours to kill at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. My ass is killing me from these seats but I have a few pics to share from Ry's b-day! Sorry for the lack of cut - I'm kind of rushing.

    The b-day surprises awaiting him when he woke. The wrapped present is from Robbie and I. We got him the Plan Toys Eco Town. It's seriously awesome and we got it for 1/2 price from nordstrom's of all places.

    My parents got him the Melissa & Doug Art Easel with all the bells and whistles. I think we were more psyched about this than Ry but it's a great thing to have.

    Robbie's sister, her husband and their daughter came over around lunch time. They brought Ry a remote control pick up truck.

    Cousin Lizzie.

    Happy birthday cupcakes!! From this recipe. This was the main event so to speak. Our friends came over, including my friend Jes whose daughter is 6 weeks older than Ry. I made the cupcakes and beef stew, my 'labor' meal.

    The kids were obsessed with the frosting. So much so that they wanted to go for another cupcake to lick MORE frosting off the top before even taking a bite of the cake.

    Now Ry is in Maine with Robbie and his grandparents. Talk about an action packed b-day!

    Current Mood: bored
    Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
    9:44 pm
    Good night jasper
    When Robbie and I first moved in together we shared a floor of an old warehouse in Fort Point with eight other artists. A woman named Becca lived across the hall. As things worked out, Becca eventually married an architect and moved to JP just before Robbie and I did. When we found out we were pregnant with Ry, we found out Becca and her husband Chris were also pregnant. We also learned then that their son had a heart defect.

    It wasn't until Jasper was born--on November 25, only a couple of weeks after our son--that they were able to learn the severity of his condition. I followed Becca's blog, watching for news about Jasper, marveling at all she had to deal with while I was blessed with this healthy, normally developing child. It was humbling, grounding, embarrassing even. The moments when I would find my whining, crying, needy child intolerable, only to be reminded by her stories that she had never once seen her son smile. Never got to hear him say mama. Never saw him reach his arms towards her. While we struggled with sleepless nights from teething and growth spurts, Chris and Becca spent sleepless nights sharing a cot at Children's Hospital praying their son would survive the countless medical procedures he's had to endure.

    He died this morning, just before 6 a.m., two days shy of his 15 month birthday. I also learned today Becca is pregnant with her second child. She's had the early risk assessment test done, the same one that first informed her Jasper's heart wasn't well. This baby is as healthy as can be and still, I just can't fathom the weight she must be carrying today. My heart just aches for her and her husband today.

    Good night Jasper
    Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
    11:31 am
    for the co-sleeping mamas...is this a phase?
    If it is, it's a REALLY long one...

    I'm going on a week + now of Ry really not sleeping soundly. I can't figure out what's up with him but he wakes up abruptly, yells, crawls all over me as though he's trying to find a more comfortable position (which he never does) and only ever settles again if I put him on the boob.

    Repeat 30 minutes later for the rest of the night. UGH!!!!

    The first three hours of the night he sleeps fine but then this business starts and continues til morning. It's killing me. I get so uncomfortable laying on my side nursing him and as soon as he's asleep and I get myself comfy he's up again.

    He seems perfectly well otherwise. Not sick, not obviously teething. Happy all day long and napping normally. He turned one 11/6 and isn't walking yet, is that it maybe? Getting ready to walk?

    I'm at a loss. Should I night wean him? I keep trying to soothe him in ways other than the breast but eventually I cave. He flips if I try and give him a pacifier for example. And honestly, I'm fine to continue night nursing so long as it's not THIS frequent. The old, twice a night thing worked fine.

    Also, are there other communities on here that are good for this sort of question?

    Thanks ladies - you're always great for advice.
    Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
    5:32 pm

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