tooby3 (tooby3) wrote,

for the co-sleeping this a phase?

If it is, it's a REALLY long one...

I'm going on a week + now of Ry really not sleeping soundly. I can't figure out what's up with him but he wakes up abruptly, yells, crawls all over me as though he's trying to find a more comfortable position (which he never does) and only ever settles again if I put him on the boob.

Repeat 30 minutes later for the rest of the night. UGH!!!!

The first three hours of the night he sleeps fine but then this business starts and continues til morning. It's killing me. I get so uncomfortable laying on my side nursing him and as soon as he's asleep and I get myself comfy he's up again.

He seems perfectly well otherwise. Not sick, not obviously teething. Happy all day long and napping normally. He turned one 11/6 and isn't walking yet, is that it maybe? Getting ready to walk?

I'm at a loss. Should I night wean him? I keep trying to soothe him in ways other than the breast but eventually I cave. He flips if I try and give him a pacifier for example. And honestly, I'm fine to continue night nursing so long as it's not THIS frequent. The old, twice a night thing worked fine.

Also, are there other communities on here that are good for this sort of question?

Thanks ladies - you're always great for advice.
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Hmmm, lily was a better co sleeper than Milo. I night weaned him and put him in his own bed when it was obvious we could not cosleep. He slept better and so did I.
Which did you do first and how old was he? I keep getting told it's impossible to night ween while co-sleeping and vice versa.. thus remaining trapped in baby hell.
i dont have an answer but i can sympathize! Raistlin sleeps well for 3 hours, wakes up, and wants the boob ALL NIGHT LONG. no breaks... its killing my back.
i think it has to do with him not eating as much during the day, i guess reverse cycling? idk. but im right there with you!
That could be part of it too - he hates taking a bottle and we've been trying to get him to drink cow's milk lately. Not loving it.

Did you start working during the day?